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Jacknic Philosophy

"For many persons, especially those who live alone, a pet can be a true companion. The unconditional love we receive from a pet and the love we give back, can draw us into the larger circle of life. After all, d-o-g is God spelled backward."

-Fr. Andrew

These are words my priest spoke and I feel his sentiments completely. So many people are lonely these days and a dog can so easily fill that void. I have always loved dogs, and cannot remember a time when my family did not have a dog. As a young child, my father used to take us to the Detroit Kennel Club dog show at Cobo Hall and taught us the "beauty" of dogs. We did not have show dogs, just pets, but my father, like me, was always fascinated with how beautiful a dog could be. I was lucky enough to get involved with the sport of showing dogs in my 20s -- 30-some years ago.


I love to breed dogs, it is my artist expression. I love having puppies, and I love nurturing them and watching them grow. I love watching new owners pick out their puppy, and hearing all the wonderful updates throughout their lives.

I take my job as dog breeder very seriously, as I realize that I am bringing a life into the world. I want my puppies to enhance your family rather than burden them. I am retired and  spend a lot of time and money on my dogs - partly because I like to spend time with my dogs, and partly to ensure you get a healthy, well-adjusted pet. Always remember that your puppy is only a puppy for a short amount of time; the cuteness eventually wears off, but a dog that can love you and be loved in return by you will last a lifetime.

All my puppies are born in my home and are exposed to family life, the outdoors, car rides,  children, and other animals. Families and lifestyles are all different and not all puppies will match up with your family. A breeder has to spend many hours with their puppies to be aware of each one's personalities, and just like children, each puppy is different. 


My adult dogs are all being shown, have been shown, or are working in some sort of performance venue. Currently we are working in agility along with conformation showing and have done some weight pulling. We are the proud owners of  the first parti-colored standard poodle to earn a weight pull title and for multiple years we have had dogs finish among the top winning dogs in the country at UKC competition along with AKC champions.

On occasion, I have adult dogs available for family homes when they are no longer being used for breeding. Many of the dogs miss the special attention that they received while being shown, but being an only dog in a new family can give them that special feeling again. There are many good reasons to add an adult dog to your family; you will already know the size and color, they are already trained, and are already out of the puppy stage. There will certainly be an adjustment period for these dogs, but a dog raised with love and attention will always assume that they will  be treated well.  Again, each dog is not perfect for each family, so ask lots of questions and take your time.


I am always happy to assist you in finding a loving pet.


Thank you for your interest,

Kathy Esio-King

I am over-the-top fortunate to have my daughter Nicole also take an interest in dogs. She helps with  care and maintenance along with showing and has finished many puppies to their championship; she was the primary conformation handler of our girl "Gerda", who was on the UKC Top 10 list for 2010 & 
2011 and showed our boy "Billy" to the #1 spot on the 2012 UKC Top 10.


Nicole has a degree from MSU in Animal Science and now works full time at United Kennel Club as the Director of National Events.

Blast from the past! Kathy with English Spring Spaniel  Heidi going Winners at the Great Lakes English Springer Spaniel Specialty in 1983.

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